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The First Fifty Year's


L.U. Maughan Company Limited has a deep and rich history in Parry Sound. We began surveying the Parry Sound area in 1960. On January 1st, 1970 our firm was the first solely functioning Ontario Land Surveying practice allowed to incorporate.

In the year 2000 our business expanded into the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This brought a whole new dynamic to our company and with it, the Parry Sound GIS and Mapping Division's.

sdf The Parry Sound GIS Division has been extremely successful with the creation of our landmark cadastre, which is the most accurate in the north. Our web mapping services have helped businesses in the town and beyond grow, beating competition with better land information then there rivals.

Our Mapping Division has been creating the best maps of the area for over ten years. We use the latest ESRI software to create the best maps, with the latest data! We also have expanded our data and now can produce maps of anywhere in the world!

We are and will always be primarily an Ontario Land Surveying firm and we always strive to be a leader in that field. We are always at the front line of surveying technology. We were the first firm in Ontario to get a Total Station. With the introduction of Integrated Surveys we have taken the lead and are constantly using the latest in GPS technology.

In 1965, we acquired the survey records of Maurice Fitzmaurice, O.L.S. 1957 - 1963 of the West Parry Sound area. In 1973, we also acquired the survey practice of J. N. E. Bradbury, O.L.S. With this acquisition, came the survey records of surveyors who practiced in the Parry Sound area during the following years:

  David Beatty, P.L.S. 1846 - 1920  
  J.T. Coltham, O.L.S. 1920 - 1959  
  Bart Thompsett, O.L.S. 1959 - 1962  
  Neil Simpson, O.L.S. 1962 - 1968  
  J.N.E. Bradbury, O.L.S. 1968 - 1973  
  L.U. Maughan, O.L.S. 1960 - 2015  

David Beatty
Jim Coltham
Bart Tompsett
Neil Simpson
John Bradbury
Larry Maughan